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Wednesday, 01 December

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ADDRESS: 22 rue Notre Dame, 20220 Ile-Rousse


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L'Escale Coté Sud : Hotel L'Ile Rousse - The Region

Country Balagne covers an area of 956.24 km ². It is composed of several regions northwest of Corsica:

This is strictly speaking, the coastal area from the Fango Ostriconi, Regino valley with agglomeration ile-Rousse (L'Île-Rousse-Monticello-Santa-Reparata-di-Balagna) Valley the Figarella (or plain-Calenzana Calvi), with all its villages cornice. Its 25 municipalities covering an area of ??428.92 km ².

The Giunssani
The Giunssani (Ghjunsani) is the former Pieve of Jussani in 1520, became Pieve Patro in the early eighteenth century before becoming Township Olmi-Cappella 1790-1973 date of its merger in the canton of Belgodère.
It extends from the Col de San Colombano on the RN 197 to the bottom of the valley Tartagine Melajia retired to a wide circle of mountains formed by the Monte Grosso (1937 m), Punta Radiche (2012 m ) Capu to Dente (2,029 m), Monte Corona (2144 m), the Capu Corbu (2,082 m), Cima di a Statoghia (2,305 m) and Monte Padro (2390 m).

Villages Pioggiola, Olmi Cappella, Mausoleum and Vallica are all located north of the river Tartagine at the bottom of the forest Tartagine Malaja. 4 municipalities covering an area of ??101.19 km ².

The Paesi Ostriconi
This is the valley of Ostriconi, a low pressure passage, the ancient Pieve of Ostricone. The Paesi Ostriconi have an area of 169.95 km ². They include common Palasca, Novella Urtaca Lama and Pietralba. The last three towns were once served by the single narrow road that connected D8 old RN 197. A new road called the Balanina through today, along the small coastal river to the sea The Ostriconi It opens up the Balagne shortening the path Ponte-Leccia (Morosaglia) to Calvi time and distance. The stream Ostriconi gave its name to the micro.

The Filosorma
The Filosorma (Falasorma) corresponds to the small coastal river Fango (Fangu) basin. Galeria Manso and his only two municipalities are part of the canton of Calenzana. This is a vast area of 256.18 km ² sparsely populated.

Natural Valley site Fangu the mouth of the Fango is a mosaic of biologically rich environments: birds, amphibians, reptiles, etc.. This is where begins the World Biosphere Reserve Fango Valley which extends up the mountain, to the limits of the common Manso.

Biosphere Reserve Valley Fangu was created in 1977. This is one of the first created in France. It extends from the Mediterranean Sea to an altitude of (2556 m) and corresponds to the watershed Fango river, a mountain stream.